Viral marketing series – Part 3, Case study:

Thu, Jun 25, 2009

Interviews, Traffic

Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring you the interview this week, but we’ve moved forward the next interview we had lined up; hopefully the interview will be doable next week.

Instead, this week we’re going to meet the enigmatic-and-frequently-cryptic “Shoehead”, the man behind Though a new site, Shoes On Heads has already “gone viral”, attracting huge traffic and backlinks in a very short space of time. Hoping that “Shoehead” might have some advice for us, I contacted him via email and arranged the following interview.

Mogul: Hey there, Shoehead. Thanks for making the time for this interview.

Shoehead: That thing all things devours? Gnaws iron, bites steel. Grinds hard stones to meal. Slays king, ruins town. Beats high mountain down. I do not manufacture it. It does not require me. Your thanks is unnecessary. Unwelcome. Repulsive. Obsequious.

Mogul: Okay, well. Yeah. It’s just an expression. Anyway. What made you originally decide to put up a site inspired by the old YTMND meme “Put Shoe on Head“?

Shoehead: No decision, only compulsion. I could not not. One day awakening , urgent and magnificent tumescent  illumination a voice shrieking in my head  BUILD IT ENSHOE THE WORLD SCREAMS AND DIES and followed only to stop; only to turn it down to continue shuffling over restful anguish. And now this. And you. I am broken too soon, too soon for the long march.

Mogul: …

Shoehead: Precisely.

Mogul: Wellll. Hmm. What, uh, do you think about viral marketing? What advice do you have for people wanting to try to market their products virally? In fact, while we’re at is, what IS your product?

Shoehead: I think and it hurts me to do so. I can only advise people to turn inward, to find the soul of their inner shoe and then to embrace carress clasp it furtive before triumphant animal return to rightfulproper crowning position. And I think here too I have answered your question about product. Namely, second.

Mogul: I see. And what are your plans for the site?

Shoehead: I hope to bring together all the Internet’s Shoebrethren. I hope to provide them succor and hospitality and in return I seek only acknowledgement and participation by way of extreme illustrations of shoe win. What higher goal? What nobler motive? One shoe for all and all in one shoe.

Mogul: Indeed. Anything else you’d like to mention?

Shoehead: Yes.

Mogul: …

Shoehead: …

Mogul: Such as?

Shoehead: Oh, I thought you were just asking generally. I’m always delighted to receive submissions from fellow worshippers, and am particularly enthusiastic about those depicting exceptional feats of devotion. Also now seems like a good time to abruptly dep-

Mogul: Thanks… I guess.

Apologies if that were less informative than I’d hoped. If there’s anything to be gleaned from it, it might be that zany is pretty “win” when it comes to “going viral”. interview up next week. Remain spectacular.

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30 Responses to “Viral marketing series – Part 3, Case study:”

  1. Orange Juice Says:

    Shoe lover here. This is a new concept again. Would love to check this site.


  2. Ghetto Says:

    The words man! I need to dig the dictionary. LOL


  3. Best Says:

    Lol. Gotta admit, I needed to call Shakespearre.


  4. Umno Says:

    Just checked the site. Found it awesome. Good luck to the blog owner.


  5. Catcha Says:

    Great catch! Checking it everyday starting now.


  6. Aha Says:

    People really getting weird nowadays but I love the concept :)


  7. Life Getter Says:

    No decision, only compulsion. Nice quote huh.


  8. Loveryl Says:

    Fresh idea huh. Nice site btw! Looking forward to checking it everyday.


  9. William Smith Says:

    Viral marketing is definitely a winner.


  10. Kris Says:

    I totally worship those people sending pics with shoes on their heads. I find it weird but fun!


  11. Brice Says:

    Strange Interview! But I hear good things about the site. Might have to go check it out for myself! Plus I love shoes!


  12. Diggy Says:

    For real, Mogul is such a deep guy. I need to dig his words. From what planet he is from?


  13. Almeda Says:

    Yes I think you can send your picture there.


  14. Aratwe Says:

    I can only advise people to turn inward, to find the soul of their inner shoe and then to embrace carress clasp it furtive before triumphant animal return to rightfulproper crowning position.

    Very well said.


  15. Anna Says:

    Site is awesome. My friend gave me the link and looking forward to checking the site everyday.


  16. Final D Says:

    Everybody goes viral these days. Requires a lot of working and patience.


  17. Camatics Says:

    I’m putting my shoes on head now. My wife saw it and said I’m the weirdest guy on planet!


  18. Crystal Says:

    Haha! I wanna do that too! But won’t let my hubby catch on me!


  19. Chu Says:

    Viral marketing is effective, but not that reliable.


  20. Lala Says:

    Haha. Everyone’s getting gaga over this site. It’s all cool though!


  21. Dancel Says:

    Great advise on marketing virally. Well said. Kudos to the site owner!


  22. Sita Says:

    Site is awesome. I’m still in awe!


  23. Cyra Says:

    Weird site! But somewhat entertaining…


  24. Poyette Says:

    I agree to the post of the posters here, it’s weird! But I’m hooked honestly.


  25. Lasting Says:

    Shoessss.. I hope you feature Imelda Marcos. The woman from the third world country who happens to have 3000 pair of shoes.


  26. Jacko Says:

    love the concept


  27. Purple Says:

    Lol. I sent a picture there and I was posted! Great stuff btw.


  28. Jackson Says: is a good site. I wanna submit an entry too.


  29. JVC Says:

    I worship this site hahaha!


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