Viral marketing series – Part 2, Case study:

Thu, Jun 11, 2009

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As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, we’re going to spends some time taking a look at case studies of successful viral marketing campaigns. We’re fortunate enough here at to share office space with the creators of, a popular humor website which launched on May 27th of this year and which has quickly “gone big” as a result of clever viral marketing. We lured their chief creative and originator of the “trollcats” concept, Richard, away from his desk for an interview.

Mogul: First of all Richard, thanks for doing this interview. We know and your other projects are keeping you busy around the clock and appreciate you making time for us.

Richard: My pleasure.

Mogul: I thought I’d begin by asking you how you came up with the “trollcats” idea, originally?

Richard: By talking with friends about the Internet and memes in general somehow I struck upon the combination of trolls and lolcats, and trollcats sounded amusing.  I actually thought someone must have already done it. Then we imagined what some trollcats might say, laughed, and thought other people might like them too.

Mogul: What steps did you take once you realized that you were the first to come up with the concept? That it was “up for grabs” so to speak?

Richard:  We established a presence for ourselves primarily by registering the domain and creating content on there. We submitted a few of our favorite trollcats to reddit and that drove a lot of traffic very quickly, and that generated some links from other popular websites. We also created a twitter account and started a facebook group.

In terms of ownership of the idea, I think on the Internet you only really “own” an idea if yours is the best site on the topic.

Mogul: Excellent. I want to refer you now to an interesting comment Elaine Garret from Practical E-marketing made on the first post in this series. To whit: “Viral marketing is what we all aspire to but how do our strategies get discovered among all the other ‘viruses’?” What do you think made trollcats a good viral marketing concept? What key features do you think it had which lead to it being able to “go viral”?

Richard:  I think the concept is easy to understand. Even if you don’t really know about Internet trolls or lolcats you can still find them amusing.  If you do know a bit more about Internet culture then I think the word itself is quite funny because it’s an obvious play on lolcats. I guess what i’m saying is the simplicity of the idea.  Also, it’s really already a tested idea, lolcats are ridiculously popular and it’s more a niche of lolcats.  There’s still a whole bunch of variables that are out of our control. I think it’s impossible to be certain that a viral idea will take off, I think the more you contrive it the less likely you’ll be successful.

Mogul: I’d like to debate that notion, about contrived “viral” ideas. While I’d agree with you that most viral Internet messages are serendipity, I think I can point to a number of contrived viral marketing campaigns that have succeeded.

For example, as I mentioned in the comments on the last article in this series, was a successful viral campaign for Burger King, and a number of viral marketing campaigns for films and television have also succeeded. Of course there are also classic examples of failed viral campaigns like the one for the “Snakes on a Plane” movie, but I don’t think that fact invalidates the general approach. What’s your response to that observation?

Richard:  Yes, you’re right contrived viral ideas can work.  I think it’s more if an idea seems forced or unnatural then that’s a barrier to success.  In the examples you give I think the ideas themselves were so good and engaging in other ways. The success of those ideas also stand out as exceptions because they worked; you don’t hear about the many contrived ideas that failed to gain traction.

Mogul: Yeah, and there have been a lot of them. I was also going to say that I noticed there’s no advertising on – how do you plan to monetize the site? Do you think launching the site with advertising on it would have hurt you?

Richard: Yeah, I was going to add that.  Contrived ideas almost always have a marketing angle, and it’s that angle that most people find distasteful. We don’t have advertising because of that.  I think once you’re established and people are visiting the site because they’re fans then it’s more acceptable, but we’re at the point where we need to make some fans first.

Mogul: So fair to say you’re in favor of taking a long-view when it comes to monetizing virally-marketed concepts?

Richard: Yes, I’m more into HIV style viral marketing than Ebola.

Mogul: So what’s the grand plan for at the moment? And do you have anything else in the pipeline that you can talk about – any other site concepts you’re hoping to “go viral” with?

Richard: The plan is to keep creating interesting content, and hopefully grow visitor loyalty. Yeah we’re always coming up with ideas, we’ve got one based on footwear coming up.

Mogul: Hah, sounds intriguing. Well, I think that’ll do for today. Thanks again for your time. Any closing thoughts or shout outs or shameless self-promotional plugs you’d like to offer our readers before we wrap this up?

Richard: No problem.  Sure. Visit and make your own! It’s easy, and we’ll publish the best and make you famous in the process.

Well, I hope you all got something out of that that you can take and use in your own viral marketing campaigns. Tune in next week when I’m going to interview the creator of, the anti-atheist-hater blog that’s taken the online atheism community by storm.

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