How to make an offer your reader can't refuse

Thu, Sep 3, 2009

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It has been said that to run a successful online business, it’s helpful to be either psychic or extremely well-researched. That is to say, in order to convince your prospects that the product you are offering them is exactly what they want and need you either require extra-sensory powers or you need to be prepared to do your market research homework extremely diligently. As with most things in life, though, there are some tricks, secrets, and shortcuts to success. In this article we’re going to look at some gimmicky and non-gimmicky effective ways of turning casual surfers into sales.

Offer your prospect something unique

Have you done your research about your competitors’ offers? Is there something new and different you can do to your offer to differentiate it? A chance of winning a trip to the Bahamas with every online application for a credit card? Zero fees on on-time credit card installment payments? A free DVD chain store voucher when subscribing to a movie download site?

Whatever you add to “sweeten” your offer, it’s important that it be the sort of thing that that your target buyer wants. For instance, offering a piece of skull jewelry as a free gift with every purchased subscription to a religious magazine may make your offer “unique”, but it is not going to appeal to the market you’re targeting.

Longer free trials

Most paid services offered over the Internet offer some kind of free trial, in order to let prospects see the benefits of the service before committing. This is also a good way of helping prospective clients to gain confidence that your service is not a scam–that it is a genuine and reliable offer.

If your competitors are offering free trials, you can consider providing a longer free trial to create a positive point of difference between your offer and theirs. If you try this, it’s important to be sure that the kind of service you’re offering isn’t one that clients are only going to want to use briefly, and then abandon.

An example of a service that may backfire with an “extended free trial” approach is some kind of “online library”. What if a user of such a service only needs particular content to solve his immediate problem? In such instances is important to make sure that the offered levels of trial free access do not give all your valuable content or service products away.

Bigger discounts

Many, many consumers are price-sensitive bargain-hunters. Discounts against the perceived value of products is what such individuals are looking for. To compete against your competitors’ offers in price-sensitive markets, you can simply offer bigger discounts than they do. While this may mean a reduction in profit, or even a loss, it can be worth it to attract loyal customers.

If you’re going to try discounting, be aware that it’s extremely important that you are clear about your offer. It must be an honest, straight-up deal. While it may be tempting to craft a misleading “discount” offer, the point of discounting in the first place is to attract long-term, loyal customers. You will not do this by tricking people into parting with their cash for superficially exciting deals that are eventually revealed to be cons.

Free gifts

Free gifts are commonly seen offered alongside subscriptions. However, this kind of “sign up bonus” requires a lot of careful research. You need to know what kind of things your targeted customers will respond to. If you want to try a “free gift” offer and have multiple target markets, it can be worth giving prospects multiple “free gift” options.

Attached urgency

Sometimes, your offer is attractive but your reader feels that he or she can just come back another time to purchase, perhaps after doing some comparison shopping or further research. To avoid this, you can attempt to create a sense of urgency on the offer, so your prospect feels that they have to buy immediately or risk missing out. For example, you could tell prospects that your offer is only good for the first 100 buyers, or until some particular time.

When you are crafting an offer that cannot be refused, there are also a few things that should be givens, paramount amongst these things is having a great product or service.

No matter how many free gifts you offer or how long your free trial is, you will not convince readers to purchase your product or service if the quality of it is lacking. The first thing that you should ensure is that you are offering a great product or service. With a great product or service, you will have additional advertisement through word of mouth–never underestimate the power of this. Most people purchase products or services based on recommendations by friends or relatives.

Buyer Psychology

If you want to be successful in online marketing, you need to know a little Psychology. You need to know what drives people to buy and what sort of things trigger people to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. One approach to acquiring this kind of knowledge is to study S true “shopaholics.” What makes people like that want to BUY NOW? Can such triggers be used to seduce people who never go binge buying or make unplanned purchases?

I hope this article has provided you all with some insight into making offers hard to refuse. Get out there and get selling!

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18 Responses to “How to make an offer your reader can't refuse”

  1. Accent Says:

    I’m interested to reading what drives people to buy. Any books available in bookstores that you recommend?


  2. Lee, Blogger's Workshop Says:

    Great post! I’ve found Twitter Search to be a useful tool for getting into readers’ minds and finding out what they really want. Of course, you shoul also look to reader comments to gain valuable insights about what your visitors want or need – this allows you to tailor your offers to optimize response.

    .-= Lee, Blogger’s Workshop´s last blog ..The Most Important Reason for Becoming an Entrepreneur =-.


  3. Andi | Web Marketer Depot Says:

    Great post,dude. Actually every single one of your points are applicable to copywriting as well which is just make it even more fantastic ^-^.
    .-= Andi | Web Marketer Depot´s last blog ..How I Write SEO Optimize Article in 45 Minutes or Less =-.


  4. fas Says:

    Awesome post, now I know why most sites have a limited time offer.
    .-= fas´s last blog ..Making A Website For Profit =-.


  5. Winter Says:

    What makes people buy? A little psychology: Have your goods ready for sale on the most popular payday time.


  6. R.W. Jackson Says:

    As odd as it sounds, I like to look at Google Trends too to give me an idea of what is going on in the minds of all of us consumers. If everyone is looking at Gold it might be a good time to find an affiliate program with that old English chick.

    .-= R.W. Jackson´s last blog ..How to make money with Twitter – One Method =-.


  7. Beyonce Says:

    Free gifts can be effective but are tricky to combine with some offers. Customers, affiliates, and publishers all have to figure out a win-win situation together.


  8. Money-Era Says:

    After reading the first paragraph I knew it will be a valuable post. I must implement the tricks and advices you shared. Thanks a million!
    .-= Money-Era´s last blog ..Why the rich are rich =-.


  9. Carrier Says:

    I’m a sucker for freebies that’s why when I read something like free wrist watch when you’re pre-qualified for the credit card, I’d definitely grab that. So yes, free gifts work!


  10. Paul Hancox, Says:

    I love the way stores run their sales. They will have people queued up outside at 6am just to get their hands on the bargains, of which some are probably loss leaders just to get the crowd in the first place. So for maximum effect, always couple scarcity with a mass crowd of potential buyers who have to “queue” to get in.
    .-= Paul Hancox,´s last blog ..How To Instantly Transform Poor Copy Into Great Copy =-.


    • Josh Zehtabchi Says:


      that’s an awesome point. I’ve seen some news sites offer maybe 100 free tickets and that raises the bar… but then when you go to click on your tickets the site has either an error or you have to click through several other links to find the actual deal.

      it can be misleading, but we’ve all seen it done and it DOES attract the users.
      .-= Josh Zehtabchi´s last blog ..About V2interactive: =-.


  11. Feed Me Says:

    Freebies work but depends on the product you’re offering. Customers are hard to please these days.


    • Paulo Says:

      So agree. I remember one time when I was at the mall, there was this guy approached me and offered a free wall clock when I sign up for an insurance. That definitely didn’t appeal me at all! So it really depends.


  12. Saikat Says:

    Few things did made me think…especially the chance to win a holiday etc. Not bad huh! Good post!


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