Dayparting and UI tweak Scripts for Facebook, MySpace, and AdBrite

Tue, Mar 31, 2009


Hey guys, just thought I’d do a very short post. We’ve been running some PPC facebook ads recently and have been getting frustrated with their inability to schedule dayparts (so that ads only show during certain times of the day, etcetera.)

Anyway, after a couple of days of manually starting and stopping the ads (::GROWL::), I decided to get off my butt and see if there were any scripts around that might help. I was lucky enough to find this script and this script at

Any of you running PPC campaigns on facebook would do well to pick them up. The first is a dayparting script for facebook, MySpace, and Adbrite (requires PHP5 with curl compiled in and access to cron or a similar scheduler) and the second is a Greasemonkey script (requires Firefox) to improve the facebook web interface (which, let’s face it: sucks beyond).

So enjoy! And thanks, Nathan: you rock!

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4 Responses to “Dayparting and UI tweak Scripts for Facebook, MySpace, and AdBrite”

  1. SiGuy Says:

    Wicked. Not being able to daypart my FB campaigns was driving me NUTS! Nathan is a JEENEEYOOS!!


  2. Egailbasbas Says:

    Very useful! I was encountering the same problem until I happened to stumble upon this site. You’re such a genius man! Much thanks


  3. body detox diet Says:

    Adbrite is much better than Bidvertiser, i already removed my Bidvertiser Ads.


  4. Guy Warner Says:

    Thanks for the links! This will save some time with MySpace and FB.
    .-= Guy Warner´s last blog ..Utah Web Design and Development =-.


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