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Email Marketing – How to Avoid the Spam Blockers and Filters

8. April 2009


INTRODUCTION Email is a great tool and a brilliant way to get your marketing message seen by your prospects, but it has also become a tough challenge in today’s online world. Any e-mail marketer will tell you that the hardest part of e-mail marketing now is simply getting your message read by the intended recipient. [...]

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Free Affiliate Marketing E-books Released Today

1. April 2009


As you’ll see in the sidebar to your right, we’ve now got 5 free Affiliate marketing eBooks that we’re giving away to every new subscriber to our newsletter. The eBooks contain guides on Copywriting, SEO/User Optimization, Website Design and usability, Traffic generation, and Email Marketing. They’re not going to be around forever, so sign up [...]

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Need money? Welcome to!

1. March 2009


Welcome to, the blog dedicated to helping you to succeed financially in the e-marketing/affiliate marketing industry. Or just here looking for some quick cash? We can help with that, too. Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be writing and posting dozens of articles here on such topics as copywriting for the [...]

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Dow gains in October

1. November 2008


While world stockmarkets have been retreating over the last two months, the US dollar has strengthed. So while US investors in the US stockmarket may be feeling poorer, their relative wealth to the rest of the world has not fared quite as badly. As a comparison I’ve graphed the DOW over the last two months [...]

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Unfair airfares.

29. October 2008


I want a one way non-stop ticket from Los Angeles to Auckland.  Air New Zealand will charge me more for this, than if I book London Heathrow to Los Angeles then continued on to Auckland.   Why?  I don’t know. Yet the exact same flight from Los Angeles to Auckland costs almost 150 more. I know [...]

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