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The Golden Rule of Website Interface Design

4. March 2009


I sometimes find myself in the position of having to answer a question like “what is the main thing to remember about designing commercial websites?” It’s a great question. A business mentor I once had used to say that he always tried to take one thing away from every interaction he had; with people, with [...]

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Web copywriting: AIDA

2. March 2009


It’s important to remember that we want to write good web copy because good copywriting generates leads, sales, clicks, customers, and, yes, ultimately PROFIT for our business. Essentially this means web copy is a form of direct-response advertising. The fundamental tenets of direct-response copywriting can be summed up in the acronym AIDA. This stands for [...]

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Need money? Welcome to!

1. March 2009


Welcome to, the blog dedicated to helping you to succeed financially in the e-marketing/affiliate marketing industry. Or just here looking for some quick cash? We can help with that, too. Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be writing and posting dozens of articles here on such topics as copywriting for the [...]

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