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Dayparting and UI tweak Scripts for Facebook, MySpace, and AdBrite

31. March 2009


Hey guys, just thought I’d do a very short post. We’ve been running some PPC facebook ads recently and have been getting frustrated with their inability to schedule dayparts (so that ads only show during certain times of the day, etcetera.) Anyway, after a couple of days of manually starting and stopping the ads (::GROWL::), [...]

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Features versus Benefits

29. March 2009


If you’ve done more than a little copywriting, you will have almost certainly heard the phrase “features vs. benefits.” It’s an important copywriting concept and a good place to begin when you’re trying to write a piece of copy. So, what do we mean when we talk about features and benefits, in a copywriting context? [...]

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Getting Traffic – Linkbuilding

25. March 2009


Link building is the practice of obtaining links from external web sites to your own to improve both direct referrals (people clicking on the links) and your search engine rankings. There are many different ways of approaching link-building, and this article is just going to be a brief overview of the most popular methods. Future [...]

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Introducing Google Website Optimizer

19. March 2009


As promised, today we’re going to talk a bit about Google Website Optimizer. This post will be dedicated to answering  two basic questions about Google Website Optimizer: “What is it?” and “Why should you be using it?” What is it? Stated tersely, Google Website Optimizer is a (free!) multivariate and A/B testing application designed to [...]

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20 Ways of Capturing Email Addresses

9. March 2009


For your e-marketing website to be successful it must compel people to take action, even if they’ve only interacted it once. Why would you want anyone to visit your website without having that visit result in a response–such as paying for your product or service, or joining your mailing list/e-newsletter? Unfortunately having the fanciest whiz-bang [...]

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